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Hello budding engineers, you have come to a right place to Charge your brain about the concepts of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. 

Yes! Electrically 4U is a blog created to help the budding electrical engineers like you, graduates, faculties and all who are in need of gaining an in-depth subject knowledge in the stream of  Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Electrically 4U is designed to provide the subject knowledge through video demonstrations, circuit diagrams, illustrations and so on. All the content will be very simple to read and also it will give you a clear idea about a particular topic.

I have also written all the contents in simple English which makes you easy to study. If you are struggling to study from books and classes, then definitely, this is a site for you.

Here, you can learn the electrical subjects like electric machines, digital logic circuits, electronic Devices and Circuits, embedded systems, etc. However, as of now, the subjects “Electrical Machine”, “Digital Logic Circuit”, “Electric Circuits” and “Embedded System” alone are added and the contents are added periodically.

I have been updating the contents as soon as I complete the typing works and drawing the images for the content. So, please bear with me, if you don’t find the content you are searching for. Very soon, it will be published.

If any of the subjects to be included here, you can inform me through mail, so that I will consider it.

For any queries and doubts, don’t hesitate to contact me at info@electrically4u.com

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Abragam Siyon Sing M, M.E.,

I am Abragam, Professor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, a passionate blogger, Photoshop designer and Website designer.

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