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Electric Machines

Learn the basics of rotating machines, alternator, DC machines, transformer, synchronous motor, induction motor, etc

Digital Logic Circuits

Learn about the number systems, boolean algebra, logic gates, logic families, combinational and sequential circuits, etc

Electric Circuits

Learn the basic terms used in an electric circuit, source transformations, mesh analysis, nodal analysis, network theorems, etc.

Embedded System

Learn about the basics of embedded system, embedded processor & its networking, product developments, Real time operating system, etc

Recently Published Articles

Speed Control of DC motor – Types and applications

In a DC motor, different speed controls can be achieved and hence they are used for many adjustable speed drives. The different mechanisms of speed...
Characteristics of DC motor

Characteristics of DC motor

The performance and behavior of a DC motor is determined from its characteristics. It expresses the relation between two or more quantities. The...
speed equation and dc motor

Speed equation of a DC motor

The speed equation is very essential to analyze the speed of rotation of the DC motor. As the electrical input given to the DC motor produces...
torque equation of dc motor

Torque equation of a DC Motor with solved problem

The torque equation of dc motor is essential for analyzing the rotating force of a motor. Toque is nothing but the turning or twisting moment of a...
Voltage equation of dc motor

Voltage and power equation of a DC motor

When the DC input voltage is applied at the armature terminals of a DC motor, it has to overcome the back emf and has to supply the armature...

Learn the Basics in Electrical Engineering

Basic Terms in Electric Circuits | Types of networks

Basic Terms in Electric Circuits | Types of networks

An Electric circuit is a combination of different interconnected elements like a voltage source, current source, resistor, capacitor, inductor, etc. When there is a closed path in an electric circuit, then there will be a flow of current. While forming the closed path...

Basic Definitions in Magnetic circuit

Basic Definitions in Magnetic circuit

The magnetic circuit is analogous to the electric circuit. A magnetic circuit has a closed path, through which magnetic flux will flow. There are several terms involved in the magnetic circuit, which are discussed below. Magnetic flux The magnetic lines of force...

Definitions of Electrical Engineering

Definitions of Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is built up of number of basic definitions and concepts. Without understanding these terms, you can't be able to learn electrical engineering. So, here I am sharing some of the basic definition and terms of Electrical Engineering for your...

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